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Web Security Testing

General Bolt > Tools > Web Security Testing

i. Day 1 (Introduction and General Security Awareness)

  • Physical Security
  • Network Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Personal Security
  • Server Security
  • Web Security

ii. Day 2 (Attacks)

  • Past / Current Vulnerabilities found in the most worldwide known organizations
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Business Logic Errors affecting Security
  • Using Google Dorks in Hacking
  • Zero Day Attacks
  • Introduction to Deep and Dark Web
  • Workshop

iii. Day 3 (To Be Script Kidde)

  • Some Concepts that will be used in Security Testing
  • Using Automation Hacking Tools
  • Cracking Concept
  • Web Penetration Testing tools (Free + Commercial)
  • Workshop

iv. Day 4,5 (Web Vulnerabilities)

  • Penetration Testing Process
  • Learning Basic Web Vulnerabilities
  • Learning Manual discovery of security issues
  • Learning How to Fix these issues
  • Learning Advanced Vulnerabilities in Web
  • Workshop

v. Day 6 (Finalizing + Career Path)

  • Hacker Actions Process
  • Foot-Printing and Reconnaissance
  • Introduction to Tools Used By NSA and FBI
  • Browser Plugins + Other Software’s To assist in Testing
  • Art Of Hiding Sensitive Data
  • Certificates Path
  • How to Earn Money Online through Bug Hunting
  • Workshop Connecting Results of Manual Testing with Automation
  • Report Writing
  • Summary