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Performance Test - HP LoadRunner

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The Performance Test course aims to provide the candidates with the knowledge required to start mastering the Performance Test as a test type. It’s a mix of the required academic knowledge to do the test and the practical exercises using workshops on HP LoadRunner performance test tool.
The course is also appropriate for anyone who needs to learn how to run Performance Test like Testing Engineers and Software Developers.
It is suggested that candidates for the Performance Test course have a practical work experience in the Software Testing field.


  • Performance Test Overview
  • Performance Test Concepts & Types
  • Performance Test Planning
  • Performance Test Tools
  • Using HP LoadRunner Components Definitions
  • HP LoadRunner VuGen
  • HP LoadRunner Controller
  • HP LoadRunner Analyzer
  • Exercises & Workshops

Learning Objectives

  • Be familiar with the meaning of performance test and its importance
  • Learn the performance test terminologies and types
  • Understand how to select the test tool that fits your work either for desktop or web applications
  • Learn how to generate performance test plan
  • Practice how to record performance test scenarios and play them back
  • Practice how to generate performance test report
  • Learn how to analyze and evaluate the performance test report