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SQL for Testers

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This course is your first step in learning DataBase Testing. It’s a practical workshop to help you learn how to write and execute SQL queries on the DataBase under test. Also, it’s designed for Junior Testes and career switchers as well. It is suggested that candidates to have an IT background but it’s not a must.


  • Introduction
  • SQL Syntex
  • SQL Statements
  • SQL Operators
  • SQL Functions
  • Exercises & Workshops
  • Live Project

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the meaning of data and its use in database creation
  • Understand the meaning of database and its types
  • Understand the meaning of DBMS and how to manage the relations between its components
  • Learn the SQL syntax and data types
  • Write and execute SQL statements on real database
  • Write and Execute SQL queries using its operators
  • Write and Execute SQL queries using its functions