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ISTQB - Certified Agile Tester

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The certification for Foundation Level Extension – Agile Tester is designed for professionals who are working within Agile environments.
It is also for professionals who are planning to start implementing Agile methods in the near future or are working within companies that plan to do so, The certification provides an advantage for those who would like to know the required Agile activities, roles, methods, and methodologies specific to their role.


  • ISTQB – CTFL if you want to take the exam.
  • Software Development Life Cycle awareness.

Target Audience

  • Professionals who working within Agile environments.
  • Professionals who planning to start implementing Agile methods.
  • Professionals who like to know Agile activities, roles, methods, and methodologies.
  • Professionals who have testing experience in traditional methods and would like to get an Agile Tester Certificate.
  • Professionals who start in the testing profession.
  • Professionals who need more understanding about how to perform and manage to test in Agile projects

Business Outcome

  • How to work in a cross-functional teams.
  • Being familiar with principles and basic practices of Agile development.
  • Adapt testing experience and knowledge to Agile values and principles.
  • Support the Agile team in planning test-related activities.
  • Apply relevant methods and techniques for testing in an Agile project.
  • Assist stakeholders in defining testable user stories, scenarios, requirements and acceptance criteria as appropriate.


Agile Software Development

  • Agile Manifesto.
  • Agile Principles.
  • Agile Approaches.
  • Agile Practices.

Fundamental Agile Testing Principles, Practices, and Processes

  • Testing activities in Agile projects and non-Agile projects.
  • How to communicate the status of testing.
  • Test automation and regression risk in Agile projects.
  • Skills and Roles of a tester within an Agile team (people, domain, and testing).

Agile Testing Methods, Techniques, and Tools

  • Agile Testing Approaches (TDD, ATDD, and BDD).
  • Test Levels and Types in Agile.
  • Tester role in Scrum team.
  • Agile and Risk Management.
  • Estimate testing effort.
  • Definition of Done.
  • How to define testable acceptance criteria.
  • How to write acceptance test-driven development test cases.
  • Agile and Testing Techniques.
  • Tools support testers in Agile projects.