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ASTQB - Certified Mobile Tester

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Nowadays, smart devices take a larger portion of the market share, testers will face pressure to test their web applications for mobile devices and potentially test their own organization’s native mobile applications. To test mobile apps, in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry, testers must learn to deliver quick, extensive, and successful tests on mobile devices.

Many testers attempt to apply what they know to mobile testing, and this is maybe working for some tests, but it often leaves many critical features untested.

Untested areas and critical faults can mean a swift end to a mobile application in the market. Thus, learning how to identify common issues in mobile applications and how to properly test the unique aspects of a mobile application is the only way to be successful.

This course provides testers and test managers with an understanding of test fundamentals for mobile application.
You will learn how to apply and adapt proven best practices to test planning and design for mobile apps. And will outline tests for functional and non-functional characteristics. We’ll look at the challenges associated with test environments, test data, and test automation.

Finally, attendees will develop a plan for future-proofing their testing, a major challenge in the fast-paced world of mobile apps.


  • Testers with knowledge of the web-based, Desktop, and client-server applications with an interest in mobile testing.
  • Developers with a lot to a little knowledge of testing who work in mobile app development.
  • Holds ISTQB Foundation Level certificate.

Target Audience

Testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers, and software developers working on mobile apps.

Business Outcome

  • Identify and mitigate the challenges that face a mobile application tester.
  • Plan, design and implement appropriate test cases for mobile applications.
  • Work with other team members to identify and assess risks and to implement a testing solution to help mitigate those risks.
  • Identify the applicable quality characteristics for a mobile application and identify the testing approach.
  • Participate in tool analysis and selection to select the appropriate tools for conducting your testing.
  • Identify areas for non-functional testing and prepare appropriate tests for those areas.
  • Understand the differences between the various mobile application types.
  • Select appropriate tools, techniques, and approaches to test those applications.
  • Effectively employ simulators, emulators, the cloud, and real devices for testing.
  • Participate in planning for the future, including proper tool selection and building for maintainability.


Introduction to Mobile Testing

  • What is a Mobile Application
  • Expectations from Mobile Users
  • Challenges for Testers
  • Necessary Skills
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Life cycle Models

Test Planning and Design

  • Identify Functions and Attributes
  • Identify and Assess Risks
  • Determine Coverage Goals
  • Determine Test Approach
  • Identify Test Conditions for Mobile Testing
  • Regression Testing

Quality Characteristics for Mobile Testing

  • Introduction
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing

Environments and Tools

  • Tools
  • Environments and Protocols
  • Specific Application-Based Environment Considerations
  • Real Devices, Simulators, Emulators and the Cloud
  • Performance Test Tools and Support
  • Test Automation


  • Tools
  • Expect Rapid Growth
  • Build for Change
  • Plan for the Future
  • Anticipating the Future